Reclaim Zero Page on Thin Provisioning Storage

Reclaim Zero Page on Thin Provisioning Storage

base on experience.
In this era of provisioning, we know several enterprise storage that provide Thin Provisioning or Dynamic Provisioning. In this case, I will write my experience with HDS VSP include with thin provisioining.
Base on explenation on : In computing, thin provisioning involves using virtualization technology to give the appearance of having more physical resources than are actually available. If a system always has enough resource to simultaneously support all of the virtualized resources, then it is not thin provisioned. The term thin provisioning is applied to disk layer in this article, but could refer to an allocation scheme for any resource. For example, real memory in a computer is typically thin-provisioned to running tasks with some form of address translation technology doing the virtualization. Continue reading


Harddisk IOPS comparison SDD, FC disk and SATA disk

Setelah sekian lama tidak posting postingan, sekarang coba lagi ahhhh buat bagi bagi ilmu. mudah mudahan bermanfaat bagi rekan rekan semua.

dalam kutipan ini, akan diberi gambaran bahwa SSD (solid state disk) IOPS nya lebih tinggi dibanding dengan disk-disk lainnya. bisa dikatakan bahwa IOPS SSD disk 20 kali lebih cepat dibanding dengan SAS FC disk.


silahkan disimak hasil test dari rekan kita eduardo dibawah ini.

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