Oracle SUN servers x86 model numbers

currently we have seen some more models number/naming for Oracle SUN x86 servers. what is the different between the previous naming with the new naming ?

example, around 2012, we still see Oracle SUN servers model SUN Fire X4170 and now we see SUN server X3-2.

here some info about the former naming and new naming for Oracle SUN servers. Continue reading

Power of Passport

Just curious to know power of my Republic Indonesia Passport. I am looking into Indonesia only have 59 visa free score. I try to compare with Jiran Country and also USA la… :)

I see Malaysian Passport got 156 Visa Free score, Singapore Passport got 159 Visa Free passport and USA passport got 157 Visa Free score.

Below the list of all the countries for visa free for all those Passport. Continue reading

meter to feet and square meters to squarefeets convertion

hanya sharing aja nih, kebetulan ada beberapa hal yang perlu di konversikan terkait feet dan meter dan juga squarefeet dan squaremeter.

setelah pindah ke kuala lumpur, ternyata beberapa hitungan panjang dan luas itu dihitung dengan satuan feet atau square feet. jadinya harus bikin catatan dah untuk konversi meter ke feet (kaki) dan juga meter persegi (square meter) ke kaki persegi (square feet) Continue reading

Successful to setup 3 or 4 whatsapp account/number on 1 smartphone

May be this is not a new things for you but I just install and setup it for me. It works….
Before I go further sharing my experience, I share my device info first and what is the pre-requisite for that.
1. I use Lenovo Vibe Shot (Z90a40) with Dual Simcard plus Secure Zone Application inside
2. I use normal WhatsApp for 2 account
3. I use WhatsMapp for 3rd WhatsApp Account. (thanks for developer of this apps… ) Continue reading

Another way to import Thunderbird Contact Address Book into MS Outlook 2013

Another way to import Thunderbird Contact/Address Book into MS Outlook 2013.

Just by trial and error.

I have another way to import contact/address book of Thunderbird into MS Outlook 2013. The first thing first is the file is not VCARD or VCF file, we import CSV file. Continue reading

VCARD Splitter

Just want to share a little bit of experience when moving from Thunderbird email client into MS Outlook.
There is a challenging task that make me interest to find out how to solve it.
I wanna import Thunderbird contacts into Outlook contacts. Currently I used MS Outlook 2013, it take a little bit tricky to add new contacts. Continue reading


Cuman mo pamer dikit ah…. di ktr baru nih… dapet internet segini nih cepatnya, cuman… dengan segala macam firewall dan security dan tentu juga perilaku pemakaian yang harus dijaga. terpaksa, aku hanya bisa menikmatinya dengan speed test saja.

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