Merga (Clans) for Karonese Ethnic Group

Just for sharing.

(mohon ijin share buat yang create gambar ini, karena didapat dari group media sosial, jadi tidak begitu tahu siapa creator nya)

marga suku karo

We have more than 300 ethnics group in Indonesia. As we know, the biggest population is Javanese ethnic, around 40% from all Indonesia population.

On this post, I just try to share ethnic that have a beginning from North Sumatra, we call it Bataknese Ethnic. Bataknese have 5 Sub-Ethnics : Toba, Simalungun, Karo, Mandailing and Pakpak.

For each Bataknese Ethnics, even though they are toba, simalungun, karo, mandailing and pakpak, always have a specific Marga (Clan) as an identity. This clan name will be used for family tree or lineage. This family tree or lineage really important for bataknese to determine the relation between bataknese it self.Β All those clans name usually used as a family name. For each bataknese Ethnics, have their own specific language. Mostly all the clans prohibit to marriage the same clans.

Currently, I just focus on Karonese. Β Karonese Clans devided into 5 big groups clans. Call it Merga si lima. Generally the clan called Marga, but on karonese language, call it Merga.

  1. Karo-karo
  2. Ginting
  3. Tarigan
  4. Sembiring
  5. Perangin-angin

For each big groups clans, have another specific clans. details already put on the picture.

sometimes we will see a name as below, (example only, sorry for any inconvenience if you have the same name)

Darwin Karo-karo Sitepu. Means, his surename is Darwin, big groups clan is karo-karo and the clan it self is sitepu.

Selamat Sembiring Brahmana,Β his surename is Selamat, big groups clan is sembiring and the clan it self is brahmana.

Some more info about Karo on wikipedia.


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