Oracle SUN servers x86 model numbers

currently we have seen some more models number/naming for Oracle SUN x86 servers. what is the different between the previous naming with the new naming ?

example, around 2012, we still see Oracle SUN servers model SUN Fire X4170 and now we see SUN server X3-2.

here some info about the former naming and new naming for Oracle SUN servers. Continue reading


Merga (Clans) for Karonese Ethnic Group

Just for sharing.

(mohon ijin share buat yang create gambar ini, karena didapat dari group media sosial, jadi tidak begitu tahu siapa creator nya)

marga suku karo

We have more than 300 ethnics group in Indonesia. As we know, the biggest population is Javanese ethnic, around 40% from all Indonesia population.

On this post, I just try to share ethnic that have a beginning from North Sumatra, we call it Bataknese Ethnic. Bataknese have 5 Sub-Ethnics : Toba, Simalungun, Karo, Mandailing and Pakpak. Continue reading

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