Successful to setup 3 or 4 whatsapp account/number on 1 smartphone

May be this is not a new things for you but I just install and setup it for me. It works….
Before I go further sharing my experience, I share my device info first and what is the pre-requisite for that.
1. I use Lenovo Vibe Shot (Z90a40) with Dual Simcard plus Secure Zone Application inside
2. I use normal WhatsApp for 2 account
3. I use WhatsMapp for 3rd WhatsApp Account. (thanks for developer of this apps… )

For secure zone application, it was bundle with lenovo mobilephone. Basically secure zone is an application give by Lenovo to protect sensitive application and data on your phone. We can setup all application that need to be secured on secure zone but now we can use is as an additional feature for add more whatsapp number inside the phone.

secure zone 1
There is Open Zone and Secure Zone inside the phone now. Up to you, where you want to install whatsapp and whatsmapp. The way that I do is, install whatsapp on Open Zone, Install Whatsapp and WhatsMapp on Secure Zone.
Just configure it as a normal whatsapp application. Make sure, you are the owner of the number that you register inside your phone because Whatsapp will send activaiton code to that number.
Tips: if you use not smartphone (or studpid phone or monochrome phone or jadul phone) as your 2nd phone but you want to have an whatsapp for that number, you can register that number also.

For me, I use 3 number now…. hahahhah :) What for… I don’t know, but I install it…… :)

if we configure whatsmap on both zone, we can have 4 account/number for whatsapp.

How to use secure zone from lenovo…

How to use whatsmapp….

it only require your 1st number to have Internet Packet and you can enjoy your whatsapp for the rest….


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