A Chance, Luck and Capability

A Chance, Luck and Capability

I write all of this to remember all the kindness one of my guru, leader and manager that already pass away Alm. Budiman Hasibuan. My deep condolences to all the family, God will be the best and the perfect to give you all the consolation or solace for your loss.
I know Alm. Budiman Hasibuan when I join PT. Infracom Technology, he is my manager to handling Storage, Storage Area Network and Server.As a newbie to this new environment, he share a lot of knowledge specially on storage and storage area network.

Apart from my technical experience, there are a lot of experience that I got from him. As I mention on the subject, I will write one of my experience with Alm. Bang Bud (as I call him) how to be successful in my career.

Before I resign from PT. Infracom Technology around April 2010, he give some lecture on me how to be successful in my career. He said that 3 key factors of successful “A chance, luck and capability”. He mention if we can combine 3 keys together in our career, it will give a successful career.
I try my best to describe it. Hopefully all of you agree with this, if not. please do not blame me…. just take this as a lesson learned for you.
1. A chance or an opportunity, that is a specific time or specific occasion when we have to decide a situation for take it or leave it.
2. Luck or Fortune, that is a specific time or specific occasion when we get something out of our prediction or out of our calculation. As a guy who have a religion and faith in God, I believe God do something in this part.
3. Capability, Ability or Potency, that is our strength when doing something and this is the only key factor of success that we can develop by our self.

How to combine it together.
If we see all the 3 key factors of successful career, a chance and luck will be driven by God. believe it or not, I trust in God and God will give me the way if I standing and walking through His way. Specially for a chance, when we are in the middle of decision to take it or leave it, sometimes we must use our intuition or conscience. as a person who believe in God, I will ask God to give me the direction of my decision. When I pray or ask Him for decision, I know God will drive me to the right way. My intuition and conscience will be God’s Will.
Capability is the only key factor that we can develop by our self. If you can do it, just do it. If you cannot do it, learn on it. do not give up.

that’s one of the lesson learned that I still remember till now. Thanks a lot Alm Bang Bud, I will always remember you as my guru.


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