ITIL just like Accounting

May be this is not the correct way to explain what is ITIL, but as per my experience I just use this analogy to adopt ITIL into my life.

As part of my experience working with ITIL framework on IT service management, I realize that keep recording everything to make sure we have a statistic to audit during working and using IT.

when I was at college to get my Diploma, I majored at Computer Accounting. My question last time, ” Why we need accounting ?”, and then the answer coming when I was get married. I keep writing everything that I spend and than do calculation at the end of the month with my wife. I realize that part of my activity to write every single transaction that I do it’s already part of accounting. at the end of the month I need it to review and audit my monthly expenses.

For me, it’s almost the same thing with ITIL. When I work and used ITIL as a framework, I don’t know what the purpose of all those things but at the end of the month, I need a data to provide to support my Operation Activity that handling a big number of servers, storage, database, etc. I realize that ITIL help me to accounting and make a statistic with ITIL framework.

Specially on Service Operation that give me an Incident Management, Problem Management, Event Management, etc. Beside that I got Change Management and Release Management from Service Transition.

I used it, I can get the data, I can provide some statistic and I can provide something that part of Continual Service Improvement.

at then end, I just used ITIL framework as my accounting method for my Information Technology that I managed.


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