editor VI command

Dikarenakan ada kebutuhan mendadak mencari sesuatu di file configurasi, dan di tentukan di line XX, maka coba utak atik dengan editor Vi, dan ketemu deh commandnya.

untuk langsung ke line XX di editor Vi cuku dengan :

XXG enter. atau dengan kata lain cukup ketikkan angka line yang dituju kemudian diikuti Capital G. langsung enter, masuk dah ke line yang dituju.


untuk tambahan info ttg editor Vi, ini aku tambahkan ya.

A quick reference list of vi editor commands

<ESC> denotes the Esc key, and <CR> denotes the Enter key.

The expression <cmd> means that you should enter a command, <f> means that you should enter a filename, and <x> means that you should enter a character or number.

The symbol ^ (caret) means that you should hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the indicated letter.
Vi editor command keys:
ZZ Exit, saving changes
t<x> Up to <x> forward
Q Enter ex mode
T<x> Back up to <x>
<ESC> End of insert
<x>| Go to column <x>
:<cmd> Execute ex command
w,W Forward one word
:!<cmd> Shell command
b,B Back one word
^g Show filename/size
e,E End of word
^f Forward one screen
^h Erase last character
^b Back one screen
^w Erase last word
^d Forward half screen
^? Interrupt
^u Backward half screen
~ Toggle character case
<x>G Go to line <x>
a Append after
/<x> Search forward for <x>
i,I Insert before
?<x> Search backward for <x>
A Append at end of line
n Repeat last search
o Open line below
N Reverse last search
O Open line above
]] Next section/function
r Replace character
[[ Previous section/function
R Replace characters
% Find matching () { or }
d Delete
^l Redraw screen
dd Delete line
^r Refresh screen
c Change
z<CR> Current line at top
y Yank lines to buffer
z- Current line at bottom
C Change rest of line
^e Scroll down one line
D Delete rest of line
^y Scroll up one line
s Substitute character
“ Previous context
S Substitute lines
H Home window line
J Join lines
L Last window line
x Delete after
M Middle window line
X Delete before
+ Next line
Y Yank current line
hjkl Cursor movement:
p Put back lines
P Put before
0 Beginning of line
<< Shift line left
$ End of line
>> Shift line right
f<x> Find <x> forward
u Undo last change
F<x> Find <x> backward
U Restore current line
Ex mode commands:
q Quit
set <x> Enable option
q! Quit, discard changes
set no<v> Disable option
r <f> Read in file <f>
set all Show all options
sh Invoke shell
vi Vi mode
wq Write and quit
w <f> Write file <f>
w! <f> Overwrite file <f>


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