recover failed disk on veritas volume manager

recover failed disk on veritas volume manager

this case was happen on my costumer. when i found this error

vxvm:vxvol: ERROR: Volume <vol_name> has no CLEAN or non-volatile ACTIVE plexes
so, to fix it, I run this step.
on this machine have installed veritas volume manager ver 4.1
and some of internal disk has failed. this failed disk was configured as mirror disk from another disk by veritas volume manager.

to replace this this, i have running this step.

– disconnect the failed disk from raid group.
– replace disk physically
– connect new disk
– on veritas volume manager, initialize the new disk.
– and than by GUI veritas volume manager replicate the failed disk on diskgroup information
– after that, this volume not running as mirror. to run it as mirror do the below step.

check the plex name of your failed disk.
use vxprint command to show information about plex of the diskgroup
and than use vxmend command
#vxmend -g group_name -o force off plex_name
#vxmend -g group_name on plex_name
#vxmend -g group_name fix clean plex_name

and than you can check the mirror disk will be syncronice.

i hope this article will help you.



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