Vista now running on HDS USPV


first time I saw this OS on USPV machine, I think this SPV will be running slow… but when I check the memory capacity on this SPV I think no problemo with Vista OS.

I initialize this USPV on Feb 2009 for some of my costumer.

This just information for us.

This SPV come with :
– 2 GB of Memory
– Celeron Mobile Processor on 1,5 GHz
and bla..bla…bla…

this specification was good to running windows Vista. and I hope, this case do not bring new trouble for HDS Engineer. ehehehhe

Good luck.


2 Responses

  1. ad trik ngga lae,
    saya mempunyai Vista Home Basic OS…
    dengan spec yang mumpuni, 2 GB Ram, T7400 Centrino Duo, ketika menjalankan fitur Search rasanya koq luammbat banget

  2. Udah update Service Pack yang terbaru ga.. lae.
    karena vista penuh dengan BUG.
    di search di aja.

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