Attention when installing SP 2 for Win2003 Server

Attention when installing SP 2 for Win2003 Server
Attention please… for all of you that care about SAN connection.
I have experience when find out trouble in my client side.
They use Windows 2003 server that connect to HDS AMS500 and use Emulex LP10000. use Mc Data SAN switch.
they installing Service Pack 2 for that server also update some windows patch.

after installation and restart the system, they cannot find disk from external disk.
try to restart again, and same problem shown at that server.

after that, they call me….. hehehhehe as the last option to clear this problem

I check the server, and I try to looking information from Emulex site. and then I fix the problem with this step.

please read carefully.

First, upgrade your emulex driver.
the last version that I use when this happen is Storport miniport kit 2.10a7.1e.exe (please download at Emulex site).
This driver will check your storport.sys version.
as you know, the last storport version on this server is 5.2.3790.3997. you have to upgrade this file.

how to upgrade this file. just check on Microsoft site.
download the pacth No. KB932755.

install it first to system, and then install the storport driver and then check you disk.
as you know, after I do this to the system, the disk shown on the disk management. just relocate disk from disk management. and then you can use the disk.

thank you very much.

(still learn how to write a article in english, so if you find some error or wrong grammer/sentences please send me feedback)


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